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Westmont Dining is committed to making your event a success. Our team of catering professionals is available to assist you with planning every aspect of your event. Our culinary team has designed a variety of menus to fit a wide range of tastes and budgets, including regional ingredients, Westmont favorites and specialty items. Should you desire a customized menu for your event, we will be happy to meet with you to create something to suit your specific needs. Our goal is to provide you with the freshest selections of food items, beautifully displayed, served professionally by our highly trained staff. 


Gatherings Perfected is Sodexo premiere campus catering offer which includes FLAVOURS, Elements, Simply-to-Go Catering and catering for customized needs. Each menu is different from the others, with unique menus, individual designs, and cost-predictability for our clients.

We believe that great things happen when people get together; conversation, debate, serendipity, agreement, progress. Socialization. This belief is behind our redesigned menu offers, and to, the personal and professional support we offer our customers with food and service - craft and care - before and after the gathering!

Gatherings : Perfected Offers & Catering Guides



With a variety of both premium and value products in the chef-inspired menu FLAVOURS is sure to appeal to the adult at work in or young adults in a formal campus environment. FLAVOURS is our service focused, core catering offer with a strong emphasis on people. 

In a world where time is at a premium, those instances where people come together deserve to be special. Whether celebrating achievement or planning future success, it is during these gatherings where the power of human connectivity is elevated. The same connectivity is what makes FLAVOURS decadently different. 

FLAVOURS is about more than great food. It's about a team of professionals who are united by a common passion to deliver a successful catering experience. Building on a legacy of hospitality excellence, we leverage our vast expertise to create engaging events that exceeds the expectations of everyone we serve. We accomplish this by focusing on service, performance and guest satisfaction throughout the entire Flavors experience. 

Our team of catering professionals are specifically trained to assist you with planning your event, focusing on every aspect to ensure quality and consistency. Our culinary team has created a variety of healthy and delicious menus to fit a wide range of budgets and tastes, including choices featuring organic and/or sustainable selections. They also take pride in using the best possible local ingredients, regional favorites and speciality items that make your event a complete success. 

The FLAVOURS guide will take your through the planning process for your catered event. You may order online or meet with us to create a signature selection that meets your specific needs. 

From the on-trend creations of our talented chefs to the interactive support of our management team to the attentive service of our well-trained staff, Flavours delivers fulfillment, enjoyment and peace of mind. 

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Simple - Satisfying - Smart, Elements catering offers great food at the best possible price. We understand the challenges you face every day, trying to fit catering costs into a limited budget for student meetings, community organizations and informal meetings.

We recommend this guide for students and adults at work, Elements is perfect for themed buffets, party packages and snacks for break times.

Ordering Catering for your Event:

Orders should be submitted through our catering website which allows you to customize your event start to finish. The website allows you to request changes to your event at anytime and add or remove items at needed. Please make sure you review or catering policies to ensure the success of your event.

Our team is here to help customize your event, get in touch with us today!

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Placing Your Order

View the catering guide here: Elements Catering Guide

There are three ways to place an order.

Online: Website
Phone: (805)-565-6253