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PACKOUT POLICIES are in place to ensure your pack-out requests will be filled in a timely manner. Please read these carefully as there are no exceptions and failure to comply may result in your order not being filled. Please contact Sodexo Management should you have any questions, comments or concerns prior to submitting your request.  

Packout Policies

Packout requests must be submitted to Sodexo Management Staff three (3) full business days prior to your event. If your event is over the weekend, we need to have your completed forms (with approval(s)) by Noon the Tuesday before your event. Please E-Mail (No Hard Copies Please) your ID numbers to management staff to ensure that all members of your group have meal plans. Any persons without a meal plan will be billed to your group. 

Only Westmont recognized groups (I.E. Potter's Clay, WSM, VK, etc) are permitted to obtain packouts. If you are unsure if your group is not on the list, please contact Sodexo Management to determine if your group meets criteria. If you are not a Westmont recognized group, then your request will be considered a catered event and you will be billed accordingly. 

Please indicate only the exact number of people that you are expecting. We make enough portions to feed everyone, so there is no need for you to write an increased number. Indicate the date and time that you will be picking up your pack-out. If your pack-out is over the course of a few days please communicate this to Staff so that we can provide you with enough food for your request. 

If you are borrowing equipment or requesting special orders (i.e., Tri-Tip BBQ), An advisors' signature with Sodexo approval and account number(s) are necessary. If you are unsure how to complete your pack-out request or have special needs, please contact Sodexo Management Staff on campus for assistance. 

Packout Requests are available only during the academic year. :)

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