Garden Club

Westmont's Garden Club was founded in 2011 and spans roughly one acre of arable land. We grow many kinds of plant varieties, including some trusty greens like kale and Swiss chard, beautiful flowers like borage and nasturtiums, tasty herbs like spearmint and basil, and some all-natural snacks like clementines, avocados, and strawberry guavas. Our produce can be found in a variety of dishes on Fridays at lunch (Farm Fresh Friday!) in the Dining Commons, and we also donate some produce to various efforts in the Santa Barbara community.

You can get involved with the garden via volunteer work during the week, or by attending our regular Garden Club meetings each Friday at 3:30pm at the garden just downhill from the track. At these meetings, we not only get our hands in the dirt (gloves are available!) but we also have a time of reflection brought to us by a different club member each week, and we discuss sustainability on both a theoretical and practical level.

Contact Garden Manager Kenny Chism for more information!