Our Initiatives

Sodexo at Westmont College has teamed up with many local companies and distributors in order to raise student awareness around sustainability in the Santa Barbara area and to bring Westmont the freshest food around.

Check out the recording of our Sustainability Symposium here!

Local Suppliers

Fresh Point

Westmont Dining is proud to source our produce from Fresh Point. Fresh Point has a full list of produce offerings from local farmers, and our chefs source locally whenever possible. 


A locally family owned distribution company has became one of our main suppliers for our food service needs. By ordering from a local company we are reducing the carbon footprint of truck travel. In addition Jordano’s has been able to supply us with re-usable mugs, which has allowed us to eliminate the paper cups that were previously used in the dining commons.

Trayless Dining Initiative

Westmont College Dining has been trayless for over 10 years, and we haven't looked back! Our team is always looking to the next area where we can reduce waste.

As the leader in Quality of Life Services, Sodexo is committed to helping people make sustainable choices about their health, our communities, and the planet we must collaborate to protect. To that end, Sodexo works to support local operations in more efficiently utilizing our limited resources and to protect them for future generations.

Trayless dining is one significant initiative that helps to minimize waste as well as water and energy usage while creating a more sustainable food service operation. There are many benefits to going trayless in our dining operations, including:

  • Electricity, water and chemical usage are reduced because there are far fewer dishes and trays to wash. This effect alone can save thousands of gallons of water every day and generate hundreds of dollars in detergent and energy savings which can be put back into education.
  • Less detergents, solid waste and grease down the drain also improves our local communities water supply. Food materials discharged to local waste treatment plants contribute to increased levels of BOD (biological oxygen demand), COD (chemical oxygen demand), TSS (total suspended solids), and O/G (oil and grease). Also, food materials discarded into the solid waste stream contribute to odor and methane generation at disposal facilities and to increased BOD and COD levels in local landfills.
  • Trayless dining sustainability diminishes food waste by encouraging guests to take only the amount of food they can carry.
  • Trayless service also provides an overall positive impact on student health. 

Sodexo Campus Services has implemented trayless dining with much success at not only Westmont College, but on several campuses across the country including Georgia Tech, Prairie View A&M, Valdosta State, South Carolina State University, Rowan University and UMass Dartmouth. As a leader in environmental stewardship, we strongly recommend trayless dining in all locations. We are proud of our partnership with Westmont College who has been key in facilitating a more sustainable operation that helps to protect our valuable natural resources for the future.



We have composting bins in our Dining Commons kitchen!